This is a copy of the Old District Map

 District Map

Virginia Section Leadership  Name & Callsign
Virginia Section Manager  (SM)  Dr. Joe Palsa, K3WRY
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)  John Roberts, WB4AXY
Assistant Section Manager (ASM)  Ed Krom, WD4KHP
Public Information Coordinator (PIC)  Ed Gibbs, KW4GF
Section / State Government Liason (SGL)  Dr. Joe Palsa, K3WRY
Section Traffic Manager (STM)  John Johnson, K0IBS
ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator  Dave Collins, N4WDC
ASEC & Net Manager (NM) - Emergency Nets  Emmett Price, K3EP
ASEC for Districts 1 thru 5  open
ASEC for Districts 6 thru 10  Tom Mosca III, KB4OPR
ASEC for Districts 11 thru 15  Ronald Telsch, K3YEO
Contributing Editor - ARES Website  Ed Gibbs, KW4GF
District Emergency Coordinators Name & Callsign
District 1 Shenandoah  open
District 2 National Capitol  Howard Cunningham, WD5DBC
District 3 Northern Piedmont  Jeff Heavlin, K4OLW
District 4 Upper Rappahannock  Dave Collins, N4WDC
District 5 Rappahannock  Jon Vaupel, W4JSV
District 6 Virginia Capitol  George Golding, W3PPY
District 7 First Colony  Ed Shuman, WD0FYV
District 8 Eastern Shore  open
District 9 South Tidewater Terry Buzzard, KF8TNF
District 10 Southeast  Randy Grigg, WB4KZI
District 11 Southside  Jason Hawkins, KI4SHC
District 12 Central Virginia  Gordon Howell, WA4RTS 
District 13 South Piedmont  Bill Wells,  W4BOT
District 14 Southwest  Bill Perkins, KJ4ASH
District 15 Blue Ridge  Ronald Telsch, K3YEO
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